Amazing Town Planning Software.

Urpla’s comprehensive platform is making town planning development assessment and compliance simpler and easier for Authorities and community.

It’s the digital transformation Authorities have been waiting for.

Simple. Accurate. Efficient.

With our software Authorities and communities benefit from…


Single point of entry service
One workspace to do it all. 

A simple user-friendly and engaging experience that intelligently processes town planning development application and assessment requirements, comprehensively guides applicants and Authority officers, and manages statutory processes – making it easy to understand and clarifies town planning information, processes, and requirements.


360-Degree Visibility
Enjoy peace of mind knowing where every application stands. Easily keep track of every granular assessment item, task, and requirement ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

All business-critical information and processes for town planning development application and assessment in one place. Understand capacity, track development applications against real progress and percentage complete, identify bottlenecks, and ensure every deadline is met.


Single source of truth
Assuring quality and comprehensive town planning development application to decision processes every time. 

Delivering clarity, efficiency, and standardisation. A true data driven end-to-end solution for town planning development application and assessment. Our solution intelligently manages town planning information, requirements, and processes required by each Authority and guide applicants and Authority officers to only what is important and necessary for each town planning development application and its assessment.


Empowered Teams
Everything your team needs to get work done together, in ‘real time’—whether they’re remote or in the office.

Unite applicant and Authority teams with seamless and structured work breakdown in one place to collaborate on assessment tasks and processes for town planning development applications. 


Intelligent Work Breakdown
Deliver a high-quality service efficiently.

Automate town planning development application and assessment requirements and tasks. Standardise processes, manage tasks, automate data collection, and document production, and scale application processing. Leverage every team member’s professional skills and cut out low value laborious work, mundane and repetitive tasks, manual practices and reduces ‘failure demand’.

Experience the Urpla effect.

Automate the repetitive, low-value tasks in town planning development assessment to deliver high-quality services efficiently. Focus professionals on activities that add the most value.

Ultimately Urpla’s digital town planning service software does more than reduce complexity, time, and resource overload. Urpla’s solution aims to increase value by shifting the focus from administration and manual activities to subject matter expertise. Empowering professionals, building skills and capacity, and freeing them to focus on outcomes and to do what they do best – shape better and more inclusive cities.

Better for councils. Better for your community.

“Important part of our digital transformation strategy.”

The Urpla investment addresses;

  • skills and capability.
  • bottlenecks and efficiency.
  • the Digital strategy that drives our culture.

It will help us to;

  • stop the duplication, rework, and points of conflict consume a lot of time and helps us manage our costs better.
  • make information more available to the public as the community reasonably expects
  • make sure that the application thresholds are met in a way that is less fractious.
  • deal with the developer community in a way that is more seamless.

General Manager, Lismore City Council

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