Analytics Tools for Development Assessment and Compliance Services

Uncover output insights
Make better-informed decisions. Purpose-built reports can detail your team’s decision-making metrics or critical output.

Track and analyse your team’s performance.
Easy-to-read reports built specifically for the modern workplace make it simple to track performance. Keep a tight handle on who is completing work, work efficiency and overall effectiveness.

As work progresses, your insights are updated automatically, equipping you with accurate information to make better-informed decisions.

Identify bottlenecks and act before they become blockers.
Look at the big picture and home in on what’s important to you at any given time, identifying issues that weren’t previously apparent.

Know what changes you need to make and adjust your priorities in real-time before your overall output is impacted.

Take your community service to a whole new level.
Managing town planning applications is easy with everything in one place. Every task and activity for each application, is in one shared place, structured, and available to access anywhere.

Understand which town planning applications consume your team’s time most, which town planning applications have outstanding work and whether your team is focussing enough on those most important.

Understand each town planning application and assessment history with audit reports that detail all responses and activity across your teams and the applicant.

Analytics Features

Urpla Insights
Easy-to-read reports detailing metrics and critical output.
Town planning Application Analysis
Understand the town planning applications consuming time most and where your team’s time is most valuable.
Town planning Applications Board (Kanban style)
View and optimise all the town planning applications going on across your team.
Work Lists
Customisable views of your town planning applications, with the information that matters most.
Time & Completion Estimates
Estimate time and completion for every town planning application or group of tasks to help make better-informed decisions.
Activity Timelines
Automatically compiled history of all activity relating to town planning application tasks, requests for information, applicant responses, changes, evaluations, assessment, recommendations, conditions, and decisions.

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