Management Software for Development Assessment & Compliance Services

Visibility across every town planning application
All town planning application details and activity are at your fingertips. All the information required to deliver an outstanding service.

An always-available record of all activities, with every town planning application.
Every task and activity for each town planning application, is in one shared place and structured for your team. Know who last worked on a task, what was evaluated or assessed, and when that was.

Everything is structured, so you will instantly know where things stand. Managing town planning application pipeline and assessment-oriented work breakdown has never been easier.

Automate town planning assessment data–collection and tasks.
Let Urpla do all the chasing for you. Town planning Applicants become part of your assessment-oriented work breakdown structure and flow, so they know exactly what they need to action, and you know what you are still waiting on.

The moment an applicant provides responses or changes to requests, you are notified right where you need them.

Simplify and scale your town planning assessment processes.
Begin every town planning application painlessly. Let Urpla automate and standardise your work breakdown of the required town planning assessment tasks. You will be able to take on more town planning applications and maintain quality.

Integrate Urpla with other systems to trigger workflows the moment a new town planning application is lodged or a status in the assessment process is changed, creating seamless efficiency for everyone.

Team Collaboration Features

Activity Timelines
Automatically compiled history of all activity relating to town planning application tasks, requests for information, applicant responses, changes, evaluations, assessment, recommendations, conditions, and decisions.
Information management
View and collaborate across your entire team and with town planning applicants on information, requirements, tasks, memos, and notification – right where it makes sense – directly related to each town planning assessment requirement or task, in one single place.
Task Management
Let Urpla automate and organise your work tasks and ensure everyone knows their own responsibility. A clear view for each team member and applicant of every task they need to complete.
Let Urpla keep track of town planning statutory timing for you, with automatic reminders for uncompleted tasks.
Share data between Urpla and other systems to keep everything up-to-date.
Document Storage
Activity and documents automatically stored and organised.
Document Production
Reports and notices automatically populated, formatted, and outputted.

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