Analyse and learn from past performance

Visualise and understand current and historic pipeline, improve processes, maximise your team’s focus and productivity, and inform future town planning decisions.

Pipeline, workflow, assessment-oriented work breakdown, and productivity dashboards unlock insights about operational efficiency, bottlenecks, and resource utilisation.

Improve inefficient processes
Automated assessment-oriented work breakdown structures standardise repeatable processes, identify efficiency opportunities, and focus on your most important services.

Identify your applications profile
Measure town planning development application extent and understand complexity to identify which applications need more attention.

Inform future town planning
Learn from past applications to accurately manage resources. Deliver increasing value for your team and the community.

With Urpla, we can automate the repetitive, low-value tasks. Applicants and community are ultimately getting better service and better value because we are more focused on the activities that add the most value.

General Manager, Lismore City Council

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