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Perfect for understanding the town planning matters of a property

Use Urpla to research your prospective property or project. We gather town planning information then processes the applicable data and automate a comprehensive and professionally formatted report in seconds. Monthly subscription options for your firm are as follows:

10 Searches

$ 100

Per month

20 SearchesMost Popular

$ 150

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*All prices exclude GST and are subject to change. Subscriptions are for each region you are operating in.

… and if you want to automate your development application report…

Pay-as-you-go to automate development application reports

Perfect for reducing time effort and improving accuracy and town planning focus

Urpla guides town planners through an automated process for completing categories of assessment, state triggers, and relevant benchmarks. And then populates and structures a complete, comprehensive, and professionally formatted development application for lodgement.

Development application report automation is pay-as-you-use. So you only pay for what you need and Urpla shows you the fee for each application type and complexity before you start. The following table gives an indicative range dependant on triggers:

Application FeesApplication Fees

How much is your time worth?

Urpla saves countless hours in the property research process – and up to 90% of your time in preparing the development application.
We’ve developed these scenarios to better explain how Urpla helps your business…

Pricing ScenariosPricing Scenarios

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