Development Assessment and Compliance Software

Align your Authority and community with a single place to assess and collaborate on town planning development applications.

A simple digital town planning service that intelligently guides your assessment team and community through the requirements, tasks, and standardises the automated production of their development application and assessment in the format and detail that your Authority requires for assessment.

Increase application quality and your Authority’s capacity to deliver efficiently.

Manage teams and work remotely

Make better-informed decisions based on output, status, capacity, and application complexity.

Visibility across work in progress.
Every town planning and technical assessment item is accounted for with collaborative work breakdown structures. Sitting next to you or on the opposite side of the world—everyone has their work in a single access point and knows their responsibilities.

Timelines of communication.
Empower your team to manage town planning assessment advice and applicant responses/changes efficiently. All communication between officers and applicants is automatically organised – sequentially by date – directly related to respective town planning assessment aspects and processes.

Control access to information.
Flexible access levels filter the town planning and technical information relevant to team members. Everyone has what they need to deliver, while delegates stay in control of authorisations. No more double handling of information.

“Greater visibility and accountability. A simple visual reference to see who owns something and exactly how much has been completed.”

Industry Engagement Manager/Acting Planning Assessment Coordinator, Palmerston North City Council

Understand team capacity

Make better-informed decisions based on output, status, capacity, and application complexity.

Track staff utilisation and capacity.
Estimate time for work. Understand capacity and utilisation.

Identify bottlenecks before they occur.
Town planning development applications dashboards provide analytics and visibility across work streams. Identify issues before they arise and adjust priorities to ensure every deadline is met.

Better-informed resourcing decisions.
All town planning applications and tasks are managed in one place, so you know who is working on what, the granular status of tasks, what is in the queue and what resources are needed.

“It’s assuring to know that we can see our actual workload in real-time and manage our resource allocation accordingly.”
Industry Engagement Manager/Acting Planning Assessment Coordinator, Palmerston North City Council

Optimise standardisation and quality

Intelligent work breakdown and structured town planning information and data ensure clarity and ease of comprehension while keeping everyone efficient and aligned to the same goals and output quality across teams.

Best practice.
Standardisation and structure that improves transparency and clarity for community and Authorities, whilst ensuring quality, accuracy, efficiency, and reduced risk.

Tailored to each town planning application.
The powerful work breakdown and dynamic structures ensure standardisation across teams whilst output and content are fit-for-purpose for each specific town planning application.

Efficient work.
Urpla’s intelligent workflows and assessment-oriented work breakdown structures are packed with a comprehensive knowledge base of statutory town planning requirements, processes, and procedures. Every assessment workflow process and the associated town planning work breakdown structure of requirements and tasks are intelligently filtered, improving productivity, sharing knowledge, and ensuring critical auditability.

“We know, despite our efforts for standardisation, every staff member was doing things a little differently. Urpla provides us with the confidence of an automated and comprehensive process that is quality assured and the output is standardised across our teams and for community.”
Senior Business Analyst Development Assessment Branch, Logan City Council

Automate data collection

Urpla’s data tools do the collection chase and data population for you. Less time spent on admin allows more time to spend on high value tasks.

End the information chase.
Whatever your staff require to get their work done, Urpla collects it automatically, and no more double handling.

An automatic work breakdown engine.
The moment a town planning application is lodged, or the applicant responds to a request the right team member is notified and the town planning development application status and assessment processes and tasks are automatically captured and updated.

Automate the basics, focus on the complex.
Applicants will know exactly what they need to action, your team know what needs their attention and has more time to spend adding real value to ensure great urban outcomes.

Applicants have all the information and tasks to complete the requirements needed for us to assess their application. This reduces the demand for both enquiries to Council and further information, saves so much time, and changes the fractious relationship between applicant and Council, so that we can get on with facilitating development for our community.”
Manager Built Environment, Lismore City Council

Improve services

Urpla helps your team provide world-class town planning services, engage in critical town planning solutions, and facilitate urban outcomes for the community.

With the simplicity of use, its applicability to the market and the opportunity to enhance the complex and intricate town planning business process using exceptional and relevant technology, Urpla applies digital innovation to transforming how town planning is done. Making town planning simpler, faster, efficient, and more transparent for everyone. Liberating town planning authorities, community, and development industry from the burdens of the paper-based (PDF) system.

Information at everyone’s fingertips.
A single point of user-oriented town planning service that intelligently guides applicants and assessment teams through all applicable town planning requirements and tasks and automatically produces the respective town planning development application or assessment reports and notices.

Gain visibility of all aspects of the town planning development application and assessment process. Know what aspects need attention, what has been requested and changed, and what is still outstanding.

Automate low-value tasks.
Automate data collection, assessment-oriented work breakdown, and document population and formatting and give your staff more time for meaningful conversations and knowledge sharing.

Provide high-value services.
Urpla consolidates and structures all town planning development application and assessment information and processes so you are better-informed, and your team can focus on adding the most value.

“It allows us to take a step back, look at a development proposal from a high level, and have deeper conversations with the applicant.”

Section Manager, Central Coast Council

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