Configuration, Training, & Consulting

Guarantee your Authority’s success.
Ensure a pain-free transition for your digital town planning application and assessment service – powered by Urpla – and maintain ongoing value with comprehensive configuration, training, and consulting services.

Get set up and running seamlessly with Urpla as your collaborative partner in service. The division of labour is quite simple: and our team handles the software configuration, training, and support; including town planning updates and revisions. Your team assesses town planning applications, manages development permits, and have 24/7 access and any-time assessment. Your team is not required to configure or manage the software.

Urpla Full-Service
Urpla’s full-service supports the unique challenges involved in implementing a new digital service.

Unrivalled configuration.
We take a hands-on, consultative approach to ensure your digital town planning application and assessment service works efficiently. With the help of our configuration teams, Urpla configures and deploys your digital town planning application and assessment service to suit your region-specific town planning requirements and policies and provides data requirements and mapping for integration.

Advanced training
Bespoke one-on-one training. Everything your team needs to transition to a digital town planning application and assessment service in the shortest possible time. We understand the importance of continued training, knowledge and education following implementation to ensure ongoing optimisation of use of the digital town planning application and assessment service.

Premium ongoing support.
A dedicated success team, full-service configuration including ongoing configuration for town planning revision, and bespoke training will ensure your adoption is quick and painless. Continue to maximise value with ongoing support.

Help and knowledge centre.
Direct access to step-by-step tutorials and embedded links to contextual help documentation. This gives access to self-help directly within the platform for immediate end-user support.


Premium Configuration and Training
A bespoke full-service configuration plan to transition you for use efficiently.
Dedicated Instance
Dedicated data hosting in AWS cloud centre.
Personalised Service URL
Unique URL for your community to access their town planning applications.
Bulk Data Storage
Storage for each town planning application’s data, documents, time and assessment.
Unlimited Usage Limits
No limit to the number user, applicants, or applications.
Premium Support
Our dedicated ongoing support gives your team the answers they need to help streamline your workflows and meet your goals.
Urpla Roadmap
The opportunity to provide input on new features and designs as Urpla evolves.

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