Collaboration Software for Development Assessment & Compliance Services

Unite your team with one place to work
Urpla combines town planning development application information, assessment and evaluation tasks, automated document production and powerful assessment-oriented work breakdown structures and flows. Everything your team needs to get work done together.

Break free from inbox and memo overload.
Urpla is connected to your team, the applicant, and everything that is being worked on, not locked away in individual inboxes, memos, and unstructured PDF’s.

All information and action request and response between staff and applicants is consolidated in automatic audit trails, putting an end to your blind spots. Urpla’s ultimate visibility gives you instant answers on anything throughout each application.

Every town planning development requirement and assessment item is accounted for, with collaborative task lists.
Automated tasks empower your team and applicants to work seamlessly together. Everyone knows what their responsibility is and can keep track of how things are progressing overall.

Tasks are automatically given their own assignee—ensuring that everything is prioritised effectively, and nothing slips through the cracks.

Query your team and applicants, right where the work gets done.
Revolutionise the way your team collaborates and unite them with applicants in a single place to communicate and work together.

No more out-of-context or trivial memos, requests, or responses. Add comments where they are relevant to carry-out applicant information request and response and internal discussions. Team communication happens in the same place as work and tasks.

Team Collaboration Features

View and collaborate across your entire team and with applicants on information, requirements, tasks, memos, and notification – right where it makes sense – directly related to each town planning assessment requirement or task.
Activity Timelines
Automatically compiled history of all activity relating to town planning application tasks, requests for information, applicant responses, changes, evaluations, assessment, recommendations, conditions, decisions, and compliance.
Add notes to town planning assessment tasks to discuss internally, right where it makes sense. Discuss assessment aspects with memos outlining thinking or calculation for everyone to see, comment on, and collaborate.
Flagged Issues
Notify individuals, specific groups, or your entire team with notifications of town planning issues.
Set up and manage teams to work the way you are already structured.
Town planning tasks ensure everyone knows their own responsibility and the process is quality assured.
To-do Lists
A clear view for each team member of every town planning task they need to complete.

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