Increase team output.
Drive accessibility, transparency, clarity, and quality.

The collaborative town planning application and assessment management software that allows Local and State Government Authorities to deploy their own digital town planning service for development application and assessment.

The subscription is a consumption model, where the cost is value-based or usage-based.

Urpla’s digital town planning application and assessment service is deployed for our customers on multi-year subscription terms with various flexible payment options to suit LGA requirements.

More use or more ‘town planning assessment’ work breakdown automation equates to more time saved, accuracy, efficiency, and more consumption. A 60% reduction in administrative and tedious validation and reporting activities involved in one application is insignificant when compared to 60% reduction across hundreds or thousands of applications per year: whilst also delivering far greater simplicity, accessibility, clarity, accuracy, quality, and job satisfaction.

Payment Options
Flexible payment options ultimately allow you to rollup configuration, integration, training, support, and license/usage into one subscription, or separately through allocation to respective cost centres.

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